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My husband, Lujan, and I are both currently undertaking a course of study to become detoxification specialists. We’ve been eating raw for almost four years – and spent many years studying various health modalities – but we are now going deeper into our exploration of truly effective methods of healing chronic illness.

One of most essential tools for cleansing and detoxifying the body is a raw food diet that involves a high intake of fresh fruit with smaller amounts of juices and salads. This low fat version of eating raw has produced some astounding results in people with a wide range of chronic health disorders that are often unresponsive to conventional treatment.

Recently my husband offered some dietary advice to one of the students involved in his online guidance programs. His mother was suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis that was significantly impairing her quality of life.

Yesterday we received an email about the fantastic results she has achieved simply by switching to a diet based on fruit and vegetables. We asked the student for permission to share the email and he happily agreed.

This is Ivan Ceron, we spoke about exactly two months ago. My mom was very ill and Lujan skyped with me for an hour as he kindly answered my questions. I just wanted to write this email to thank you with all my heart ! After having shared the positive advice I was given with my mom, her health and her well being has dramatically gotten better.

Her rheumatoid arthritis essentially disappeared. Up until the day you and I spoke Lujan, she could barely even make it past the first minutes of her waking time. She could barely stand up at best she could bend the joints that allowed her jaw to vocalize some words but even that hurt…..

It is two months later and after completely cutting out prescription medicine, eating nothing but fruits and veggies…. everything that used to torture my mothers health is gone. She is happy and pain-free and I couldn’t thank you enough. She is a laugh-machine, she is walking, jumping, running, exercising, she has regained her strength !

She is the one who is truly grateful, you should see the joy in her face as I look at her while I type this email… i feel her cheery , child-like attitude engulf me with love 🙂 Ever since the changes started to occur, I’ve been able to share the story with people who keep coming into my life and happen to share similar stories about their loved ones and their struggle dealing with this pain caused by prescription medicine and poor diet.

Thank you once again, my mom has healed 🙂

Ivan Ceron

Do you have a story of healing on a raw food diet to share? I’d love to hear from you. You can post here or send me an email if you would like me to publish it on the blog.

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