Good morning from beautiful Boracay!

My husband and I have been in the Philippines for a week now and are starting to feel at home. We’ve been world travelers for about five years now, so we don’t really have a place to call our own.

This situation has its pros and cons. Sometimes stability can be a comfort. But personally I also really enjoy traveling and living in different parts of the world. Unlike being a tourist it really gives you the opportunity to get a true feeling of a place and soak up the atmosphere and culture.

We are really fortunate to be staying in a fantastic apartment with privacy and incredible views. Something like this would be out of our price range in any Western country so we feel very grateful.

We are also blessed to be able to enjoy the wonderful local fruits, including mangoes, which are about 80 cents a pound and durians for about $5 each. They’re not the absolute best durians I’ve ever eaten but they are pretty good when you eat them at their perfect stage of ripeness.

This morning for breakfast I made a green smoothie with some mangoes that were begging to be eaten along with some mixed lettuce. I was surprised to find some really good greens at the market including romaine, arugula, bok choy and fresh herbs.

We had this alongside some fresh mangoes. These mangoes are quite small so the whole meal for both of us contained about twenty of them; half in the smoothie and the rest just simply eaten whole.

The mangoes here in the Philippines have a much better flavor and texture than those in Costa Rica, but since they are much smaller it takes a bit more work to prepare them.

We were surprised to find that when talking to the locals a few of them told us that fruits are very expensive for them. So unfortunately they tend to rely on rice as their staple food along with meat and seafood with smaller amounts of vegetables. This has led to an increase in the incidence of conditions such as diabetes and hypertension in the local population.

It seems this is happening all around the world, where indigenous people are losing connection to their original diets with their health suffering as a result. We often find that we have more knowledge about traditional methods of healing and how to eat a healthy diet than the local people in many places that we have traveled, when in reality it seems that we should be learning from them.

It is not only unfortunate for the local populations but also a loss for everyone in the world as it appears this traditional knowledge is being lost, when ideally it would have been shared among different cultures to be expanded upon and enhanced.

My experiences have certainly increased my appreciation that we have the ability to make choices regarding our diet and health that are simply not available to a large proportion of the population. Despite undergoing significant health challenges in my life, that are still not completely resolved, I am so thankful to have the capacity to explore the path of healing by utilizing the resources of the natural world; primarily fruits, greens and herbs.

What are you thankful for?

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