Parasites are an often overlooked contributor to chronic health issues. Most of us deworm our pets on a regular basis but never give a thought to deworming ourselves. Yet humans are just as susceptible to parasitic infection and this is not just something that affects people in third-world countries. Recent medical studies have estimated that 85% of Americans have at least one type of parasite living in their bodies and some authorities believe this number may be as high as 95%.

There are two main varieties of parasites. One consists of worms such as tape worms and roundworms. The second category are one-celled organisms called protozoa, which includes Giardia and Cryptosporidium. These parasites can all cause a great deal of intestinal distress, reduce immunity, contribute to nutritional deficiency and sometimes very serious health complications. Over 1,000 different kinds of parasites can infect humans, yet we are only able to detect about fifty of them through medical testing.

Everyone can benefit from regular parasite cleansing – at least twice a year, or more often if you live in the tropics. The video below outlines a few simple, natural techniques to reduce the load of parasites in your body. However, most people with chronic health issues or those who suspect the presence of parasites often need a more comprehensive approach.

This is why I’ve put together a new parasite cleanse program which offers a very effective but natural method for eliminating these parasites. The parasite detox also focuses on deeply cleansing the intestinal wall and stimulating lymph flow in the colon to support parasite eradication. When your intestines are cleansed and lymphatic obstructions are removed your body is less susceptible to parasites and recurrence of infection.

Diet is another very important factor. Parasites thrive when you eat refined foods, especially sugar, pasta, bread, potatoes and processed oils. Animal protein also supports the growth and development of parasites in the human body. A complete parasite cleanse must also focus on a high-raw plant-based diet, otherwise success may be limited.

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