Health experts from around world agree that we should never eat more than one or two bananas a day due to the high risks of potassium poisoning, cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac standstill, diabetes, and obesity!!!

Animal nutritionists at Paignton Zoo in Devon have even banned their monkeys from eating bananas because they have “too much sugar”. Instead they forced them to eat a diet with lots of leafy greens and starchy root vegetables.

Just like most other primates we naturally crave sweet fruits because they provide us with an easy-to-digest source of energy and vitamins. Starchy foods are much more difficult to assimilate and generally an inferior choice when you are looking for high-nutrient carbohydrate foods.

In the video below you can learn more about the effect that eating a lot of bananas can have on your health. Are bananas really a dangerous fruit or a healthy source of fuel for the active raw vegan?

What do you think?

Ryan of “Happy Healthy Vegan” investigates.

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